Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Improbability of Unconditional Love

Unconditional loves states that nothing could change it, it is set in stone (Destined by destiny). The beauty in love is that it is a commitment based on a choice from two people. Because this feeling or commitment flows from a series of choices that one cannot predict the outcome, one can only make an unwavering commitment to each other and keep oneself true.

For me this is the essence of love, not that it is indestructible but that its fragility requires constant care and commitment. This makes lives together a journey not just a predefined plan set in motion. When reaching a mature state in a relationship where both have settled in a comfortable lifestyle with each other it might seem like everything will always stay the same BUT it is important to remember that the underlying unpredictability is always there and its influence ever present in our lives. As long as we control this part and don't ignore its existence we can use it to keep love exiting. 

Love is not a switch but rather something with the characteristics of a living creature that is always evolving and requires attention, direction and care. Do not allow yourself to caught in a false sense of invulnerability, and never get blinded to:
  • Know what you have in the other person (Never take their goodness for granted) 
  • Subtle changes in your or the other person’s life.
Do not allow each other to grow apart, be sure to participate and be supportive. As a final thought, keep love pure and uncomplicated when it comes to other people in your life. Put the other person first and let them do the same.

 "Love is predictably unpredictable only until you stop predicting the unpredictable at which point it will become truly unpredictable"

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