Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The singular point of existence

Life is experienced by the individual’s singular point of existence; we interact and experience life though our senses which consumes our viewpoint and expands this into a realistic world that is rich in dimensions and in amazing interactive complexity far beyond our grasp.

The simplest explanation is most likely the correct one.

Let us start with a basic idea. If I experience movement, is the universe standing still and is it only me that is moving or do I stand motionless and experience movement as my senses experience change? We seem to be able to brush away the idea that the whole universe is changing around because it seem like a very far stretch. This conclusion is based on a firm believe that everything we see is just that and nothing more, but what if the opposite concept is more likely? This is almost unthinkable and can easily shake us if we don’t approach it carefully.

Watching a movie like Avatar gives us a very realistic ability to experience a different reality, here we seem to easily grasp and differentiate realities. Most probably because it is easier to believe that it is an illusion than it being a true life event of someone actually filming on another planet. Using the same logic is it not easier to believe that through our senses we exist in this singular point versus the current approach where we believe that there is a vast universe where the totality of each of our existences and experiences is not even measurable.

How do we prove something is real? In society we continuously do this by sharing awareness, I can see you can see that and that gives me the confidence to believe that it is there. This is a good method for validating facts, by combining input from two or more sources. The real twist comes in as one needs to be able to experience something from more than one point (We have senses but the experience comes from a singular point) which we are unable to do, there is no way of proving or disproving that any other point/s is not just part of the illusion. It might even be a illusion shared by many individual points interacting in a shared conciousness. Eitherway this reality is to specific in design and definition to be somthing that just exists, it definitivly speaks of enteligent design and some ever present force that keep it all together.

This type of thinking can be very dangerous as people can lose themselves in the midst of this sea of loneliness, complete indefiniteness and seeing everything through a general relativity viewpoint. The biggest danger I think is that people use this base idea as excuse to say that nothing can be proven or disproven, that there are no absolutes and no right or wrong. It does challenge our viewpoints if we start to question the foundations of existance and rules that we abide by without any second thought especially certain topics such as death, life, religion, etc. as we are less restricted by our definition of reality.

I believe that there is a greater architecture of life that we cannot understand or fully experience in our current reality/state as living entities using only our senses to interact and exist. I believe that actions have consequence and that the current reality (even if I might be experiencing it differently as to what it might really be) has a specific purpose and reason for existence as do we. I believe that keeping this theory in mind allows me to broaden my ability to understand abstract concepts around me and that I should not use it as an excuse to do whatever I want. Furthermore I believe that the Creator of this reality will keep us accountable for our decisions but that this is not the motivation behind its existence. This should motivate us to find our individual purpose for existence.

I do feel that we sometimes get the opportunity to glimpse into something deeper than ourselves, and our current understanding, and that we should embrace these moments and treasure them.

*Although I have given my opinion above without any context to a specific religion I must state that this ideas aligns to my Christian beliefs and my journey of trying to understand life, I however hope that the concept challenges everyone to revisit their standard way of thinking in general.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Maximum Point of Optimization (Saturation Point)

In life we try to embrace a forward way thinking of looking at possible ways of improving ourselves and our tasks.

This is a very good mindset but we need to consider the following:
All improvements/optimizations for a specific approach have a saturation point where efforts to better will have close to no impact or possibly a negative incline in the overall result. When a new idea or approach is set in motion it is the best opportunity to push efforts into optimization, but once it reaches maturity and becomes a working model, one should revert to smaller changes without big expectations of improvement. This will typically play a role on a micro level like oiling the system but have no real benefit to the overall result. If a big methodology change is made it might once again bring up the opportunity for more meaningful optimizations. A couple of different types of results you can expect:
  • No improvement (Either wrong idea or it might be that the model is mature and has reached the saturation point for optimizations)
  • Improvement to one or more focus points but negative effect on other parts (Pros and cons should be weighed from a holistic viewpoint) If you for instance implement a much more sophisticated step by step reporting system you might have better statistics on current activities but because of the extra overhead you might lose productivity that might hurt you even more.
  • Small improvements (This should be seen for what it is, no big overall impact but might ease the execution - oiling out the system) These might have other positive impacts that are difficult to measure as job satisfaction, better relations etc.
Don’t ever try to change a system before you understand the dynamics of the current working system as you are very likely to both fail and damage relationships. (You need to know the rules before you can break them)

A good rule of thumb is to try new ideas but always keep the bigger picture in mind. The younger the concept the bigger the challenge to the process should be and although you should not expect amazing results for each iteration of change you should attempt it as such. Finally when your ideas don't work don’t try to force it, take the hit and consider the reasons and evaluate whether you have reached the maximum point of optimization.

The Improbability of Unconditional Love

Unconditional loves states that nothing could change it, it is set in stone (Destined by destiny). The beauty in love is that it is a commitment based on a choice from two people. Because this feeling or commitment flows from a series of choices that one cannot predict the outcome, one can only make an unwavering commitment to each other and keep oneself true.

For me this is the essence of love, not that it is indestructible but that its fragility requires constant care and commitment. This makes lives together a journey not just a predefined plan set in motion. When reaching a mature state in a relationship where both have settled in a comfortable lifestyle with each other it might seem like everything will always stay the same BUT it is important to remember that the underlying unpredictability is always there and its influence ever present in our lives. As long as we control this part and don't ignore its existence we can use it to keep love exiting. 

Love is not a switch but rather something with the characteristics of a living creature that is always evolving and requires attention, direction and care. Do not allow yourself to caught in a false sense of invulnerability, and never get blinded to:
  • Know what you have in the other person (Never take their goodness for granted) 
  • Subtle changes in your or the other person’s life.
Do not allow each other to grow apart, be sure to participate and be supportive. As a final thought, keep love pure and uncomplicated when it comes to other people in your life. Put the other person first and let them do the same.

 "Love is predictably unpredictable only until you stop predicting the unpredictable at which point it will become truly unpredictable"