Saturday, 21 July 2012

The illusion of control

We are so desensitized to our great looming vulnerabilities that we don’t notice it anymore.
Death, sickness, love and our direct and extended environment (E.g. Politics, global warming, isolated, limited habitat we can survive in, etc), these should serve as a constant reminder of our inability to fully control our lives and the presence of forces out of our control.

Humility should be the foundation of a respectable approach to life.  We need to embrace the simple but overpowering truth of how little we as individuals and ultimately even mankind can control. From this knowledge we can find true humility, and then move forward and identify the areas where we can/should make a difference by taking dedicated ownership and responsibility for it (both as individuals and humanity) and fulfill our purpose of living.

Sadly people seem to spend more time concerning themselves with things out of their control, neglecting the areas that are within their influence sphere and missing out on the joy of creating, discovering and living to their full creativity and potential.

Let’s try to look past our difficulties, hardships and the injustices done to us. Once we change our focus back to the basics of life, ignoring the unnecessary complexities we added to life in our civilizations with complex social structures, rulings and values, we should grasp the beauty that lies within our existence as living sentient beings that can experience life not just live through it.

Societies do perform a vital role of managing the masses and without it there will be total anarchy, but we need find our own value of life and not measuring it through the eyes of others. Recognize it as a necessary evil but do not allow it to control your joy of life.

We should start experiencing life, move past pure existence. Open your eyes and notice our landscapes, observing the incredible living creatures, plants and very importantly, realize the value of the connections we have with others. Let us treasure these as our wealth and highlights of our short journey here, before the opportunity passes us by.