Friday, 29 November 2013

Tapping Into Past Happiness

We can increase our current level of happiness especially in difficult times by tapping into good past memories. This provides more stability where your state of mind is determined by more than your mental stamina and current environment.

We are in control of how we interpret the past. Selective memory by means of capturing and recalling specific moments or associated feelings is vital in controlling how we see the past. We are both the lead character and the author of how we tell and relive our life stories. Forming a story that we remember in a positive light does not require a holistic and step-by-step factual description. You take what you want and ignore the rest, even if it means reconstructing it with a different underlying message than you first thought it told. We change and so can our interpretation of the past.

If you don't like the stories you have or feel there are some missing be sure to push your unwanted past back by forming stories you can tell with pride. Take control of today as it is in your grasp and own your experiences with confidence. Remember the focus is today. Do not live in the past, but use it to enrich the present.

Choose your recollection method. If it is from a healthy memory choose the moments you dwell on carefully. If you use photos or videos don't hesitate to capture often and find time and means to relive them. If the trigger is music or locations make time to revisit them and build up references. This is a form of reconditioning that helps you to appreciate your past rather than let it bring you down.