Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wall up knowledge

Don't flood people with your knowledge. Live in your full awareness, but only reveal your depth up to the level it is understood and appreciated.

If you release an excessive wave of knowledge people will be unable to properly interpret and build associations (people can only learn that what they almost already know) and quickly loose interest.

It's not the facts that make up knowledge which change us, but our approach towards assimilating it into our way of thinking (See 'Own It'). By releasing knowledge in bite size chunks we can increase the probability that our shared knowledge will make lasting contributions to others.

Do not let your words lose their weight by wasting them on an unappreciative audience. Take time to continuously assert their interest and ability to comprehend the conveyed knowledge before continuing. The weight of your words is not measured in quantity, but in the movement it inspires.

It is important not to confuse the level of comprehension with the target audience's intelligence. Engagement is more often build up from related experience that forms a contextual platform.

Just because something intrigues you doesn't mean others should share your 
interest or choice in conversation.