Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Divorce - My resolve

My life and strength are slowly returning. That stolen will not be allowed destroy that what remain.

A new breath, a new beginning, my character molded under pressure. My life story forced to change in mid chapter.

Key lessons learned, their essence burned into my soul. My eyes opened to humanity's raw and uncompassionate nature. Not to love recklessly but selectively, my heart hardened from the harsh circumstances and the sudden need to defend against its own. My life open for all to judge my story reduced to a sad statistic, my accomplishments swept away by cold forceful actions of another.

In this and from the acknowledgement of my flawed and failed self I find some comfort in my innocence of this crime.

I felt happiness, I experienced joy, I know burning anger, I know deep pain, I know disappointment... I knew love. Be that what it may, I will survive.

I am tainted, marked for life with a public scar that stands against everything I believe in. But with this I also discovered inner strength I didn’t know I possess as well as my misplaced roots in Him.

No longer excuses, I will live life as I see fit and to its fullest! No more self-sacrifice only limited compromise to precious few I choose to accommodate. My choices define me, not the cards that I have been dealt.

This is a flag in the ground, a bone rattling echo of a life placed on hold snapping back into motion. This with a soothing feeling that the unknown future holds a promise of healing and self-discovery gives me new hope and the strength to continue.

For those walking with me, please find a gesture of appreciation for the received support and a promise of a valuable friendship. I will not forget this, I will remember it all.

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