Saturday, 19 May 2012

Inner Core - Black Bagging

We are what we think. What we present to the world regarding ourselves can range from slightly altered to something completely unrecognizable to who we are in our inner core. The more these are different the bigger your inner struggle will, this struggle can easily take casualties as low self esteem and self loathing. The goal of this concept is to get these worlds closer together from within rather than focusing on the exterior.

"Beware of the dog"

Some ways people cope with the inner darkness:
  • Embrace it. Some people do not pretend to fit in or be 'good'. Although this has severe consequences, the individual can be at peace with them self and their nature.
  • Hide it. Add more distance to what you are when no one is looking and what you present to others as a show. This tends to result in extremities and serious impact when in a moment of weakness you give a glimpse into your core.
  • Fight it. This is refusing to conform to your urges and instead standing up for what you want to be.

Can we truly change our nature? Maybe not, but that does not mean we cannot control it.

We might be taken aback on how many characteristics of our so called nature is nothing more than by-products of life experience, choices and the culture we are exposed to. Surprisingly not something as unchangeable as we would like to believe, we tend to rather shy away from taking responsibility for our bad characteristics by labeling it under 'our nature' than owning up to it. That being said, I do believe that some people have a real darkness that transcends just normal thoughts and urges, the key difference between these are that one can be changed and the other only kept under control.

Our inner core is one of our greatest gifts, the one thing no one can own or see without you allowing them in (*Links to attributes of a character with depth), and yet people live outward without even considering it. Going even deeper, the main chamber for our consciousness is our thoughts and many problems come from entertaining chaotic and uncontrolled thoughts. The ability to think is a very powerful tool; it forms us from within, acting as filter, allowing us to be more than mindless animals. This 'room' can be what you want it to be, its application capabilities is truly endless.

Controlling the ideas and urges that just appear is vital, and as inner thoughts are the seeds that drive our actions it should be the first and foremost battleground. Utilizing your thoughts as an additional filter will help you
 gain the upper hand in the dark corners in your mind. This can be viewed as closing distance between your inner self, by getting closer to what you want to be, and what you present to the world.

Some ideas in handling these: 
  • Black bag unwanted thoughts. It takes practice but find a way to clear all present thoughts. One way is by imagining a pitch black screen with a powerful blanket of silence. Keep your focus until everything else is drowned out.

  • Stop urges through pain redirection. Urges are stronger than just thoughts and as such might require more persuasive measures. A pinch or pressing nail against finger should be enough to break the immediate impulse. You can use this with the above veil of nothingness to endure a clean break.
We are continuously formed by our thoughts and actions. Do not linger on unhealthy thoughts, take control as soon as it confronts you. Keep in mind the more you feed your monsters the harder it will be to take them down!

Be careful to use these tactics as a means to avoid dealing with issues that exist because of real experiences you had. Work through issues that require time and attention until your inner turmoil has calmed down. You should be at peace with yourself before you can be at peace with everything else around you.

*Future read

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